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The road less traveled  . . . "Your Highway to Health" - The GlutenFreeway !!

      Welcome to the Bellingham Gluten Information Group!

We are located in Bellingham, WA, in the northwest corner of Washington state.

 Please join us if you are ever in town!! - Underlined topics below are quick links.

This website is designed primarily to inform you remotely, check our Calendar. We offer personal support and new information on products/services available in Whatcom County relating to gluten intolerance.  If you would like to be added our contact list, we will be happy to email you with the latest on research and info.

Helpful Links will help you with printed handouts, recipes, links to other information sites and reference resources. You can find GF products from local businesses and companies that support our goals for education and awareness by hosting gluten free events and/or our gluten-free community. More helpful info in the Gluten Free Lifestyle section.

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Live well, enjoy gluten free and be healthy      

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